21 Things to Get Off Your Business Admin Plate by Outsourcing

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A smart business owner is one that understands there are better things they should be doing with their time.

Here are 21 things you should get off your business admin plate so you can focus on growing your own business instead of getting stuck doing the dishes so-to-speak.

  1. Keep accurate and up-to-date financial books and records
  2. Ensure you can always produce accurate financial statements
  3. Keep the tax man happy
  4. Prepare government business activity statements
  5. Complete annual business solvency reports for your corporate regulator
  6. Complete the required forms when employing staff
  7. Make sure your staff are being paid correctly
  8. Pay your staff retirement fund (superannuation) deposits on time
  9. Deal with boring or time consuming paperwork
  10. Pay your bills on time
  11. Send out invoices to your customers
  12. Chase up customers that owe you money
  13. Get your business insurance in order
  14. Organise and categorise your email
  15. Handle your incoming phone calls
  16. Book travel flights, hotels and rentals
  17. Research better prices for the regular services you use
  18. Fill out regular government reports
  19. Write up your standard operating procedures
  20. Collate and send bulk mailouts
  21. Take care of mundane data entry

Have you ever found yourself or your key (a.k.a. expensive) staff losing hours in the day working on these types of business admin tasks?

Have you thought about outsourcing? That is, hiring a professional business admin service provider to take care of the tasks for you?

It is highly likely that outsourcing the work to a business admin provider will cost you less in relative terms. This is something we discussed at length in our post about the DIY Business Admin Trap that could be holding you back. Business admin professionals are specialists in these type of tasks and will most likely be able to do them much faster than you or your own staff.

Additionally, handing over the admin to someone else will free up you and your own staff to to focus on more valuable things. Businesses don’t grow by doing admin, they grow by creating better products, better services, boosting their marketing or bringing in more sales.

Get in touch with us to find out more about outsourcing your business admin.

Leave a comment below if there are other things you could think could be added to this list.

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