About Us

The Story Behind Smart Business Guardian
Where it all Began

Off the back of their MBA studies, in 2011, Dan and Kristin created a new venture, Trade Guardian, focused on helping entrepreneurs outsource the administration of their businesses. They took care of all sorts of responsibilities such as bookkeeping, payment processing, registrations, compliance, office support, and much more.

The main reason Dan and Kristin started in this area was that they love this type of work and they are really good at it.

As the numbers and types of clients grew, Dan and Kristin noticed a pattern in the questions they were receiving. Business owners wanted advice from like-minded people who were dealing with the same sort of issues.

The Guardians Get Together

Smart Business Guardian (SBG) was formed in 2015 to provide answers to the questions common to startups, small businesses and anyone dreaming of being their own boss.

Everyone's business is unique, but the types of issues you face are the same. For example, how do you:

  • run your business more efficiently
  • deal with customers and learn from them
  • grow and support your team
  • develop and validate your ideas
  • manage projects
  • take care of the accounting
  • have the best marketing
  • increase sales
  • improve productivity
  • work more efficiently
  • use and get the most out of technology
  • develop valuable supplier relationships
The Dream Became a Reality

Today, the Guardian group is a business administration outsourcing and training organization with customers all over the world.

This has come about organically through great service, great content and repeated stories of our clients loving what we do for them.

Every product and service we release is conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our own business and the problems faced by the different types of clients we serve.

Today we’re a profitable company with solid annual growth. We're really enjoying the journey and we'd love to come along for the ride with us.

SBG Is Here to Help You

Our mission has never changed: We’ll help you free up valuable time and resources, so you can focus on growing your business and reaching your goals.