21 Things to Get Off Your Business Admin Plate by Outsourcing

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A smart business owner is one that understands there are better things they should be doing with their time. Here are 21 things you should get off your business admin plate so you can focus on growing your own business instead of getting stuck doing the dishes so-to-speak. Keep accurate and up-to-date financial books and records Ensure you can always produce … Read More

Skills to Look For When Hiring a Bookkeeper

Calculator pen and printed financial calculations

If you are thinking about hiring a bookkeeper, there are some important skills and characteristics to look for. In this post, we start off by summarising some of the benefits available to you when bringing someone in to do your books. Following that, we take you through some guidelines on what to look for.

This DIY Business Admin Trap Could Be Holding You Back

clamp holding wallet shut business admin trap

There’s an old adage that suggests it is possible to send yourself broke saving money.

The same problem exists in business. This nasty little pitfall shows up most often in the early days for startups, entrepreneurs and small business when you’re just getting off the ground.