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Don’t Spook the Herd! is a companion for anyone wanting to make sense of agile project management and how they can contribute effectively to agile projects.

Whether you are completely new to agile or you have had a bit of experience with it, this book will help you level-up your understanding and skills.

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What's it All About?

The word Agile has grown to mean many things. You’re not alone if you have ever found yourself thinking: “What is agile, really? Does agile work? How can I use agile on my projects?”.

It seems every man and his dog has an interpretation these days. There is a world of confusion about what works, what doesn’t, what is worth your time and what is just noise.

Dan explains agile concepts using a friendly and simple approach. The book is packed with practical real-world tactics that can be used immediately on any project. There is a treasure-trove of valuable lessons-learned from several successfully completed multi-million-dollar projects.

Don’t Spook the Herd! provides insights into a crucial idea: agile projects are successful when the people involved are focussed on delivering and comfortable with adjusting priorities based on actual outputs and results.

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About the Author

Dan Miller is an award-winning business leader with several decades’ experience managing and working on projects.

Dan’s experience and skills are supported by a foundation of formal education in business and technology including BEc, BIT, MSEng and MBA. Dan also spent several years teaching at the Australian National University as a Tutor and Adjunct Lecturer in both the Department of Computer Science and the College of Business & Economics.

On top of all that, Dan is the founder of a several ventures including Citadel Systems: a technology project management firm, Trade Guardian: a business administration outsourcing provider, and Smart Business Guardian: inspiration and tactics for startups, small businesses & anyone dreaming of being their own boss. Dan has a passion for challenging himself to bigger and better things and helping others improve themselves.