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Lean MEAN Web App Machine is for anyone interested in learning how to develop MEAN stack web applications. The MEAN stack is a collection of four main software application components (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) that are used together to form a complete web application platform.

This book provides a real hands-on learn-by-doing approach that will keep you interested. You’ll enjoy real-world examples delivered in a fun and light-hearted style while discovering (or reinforcing) core skills that every software professional would want in their repertoire.

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What Type of Book Is This?

Lean MEAN Web App Machine is what you might call a tutorial-style guide. The material takes you through a series of activities that help develop knowledge by gradually building up a practical MEAN web app framework.

It is based on the popular MEANJS solution.

Who This Book Is For

Lean MEAN Web App Machine is for you if you have any of the following traits:

  • You are interested in learning how to create modern web applications;
  • You are a non-developer, for example a marketer, founder, product manager or entrepreneur and would like to learn how to turn your great ideas into working products that you can evaluate, validate and perhaps even launch;
  • Or perhaps you are a developer or programmer or software engineer and you like coding or perhaps you would like to enjoy coding more;
  • You feel that traditional technical books can be a bit dry and sometimes too theoretical;
  • You like to learn-by-doing. In other words, you learn best when you get your hands dirty working in a practical way with the very things you are learning about;
  • You’ve heard about this MEAN stack technology and you would like a nice easy and well described way of getting to know all about it;
  • You would like something to complement the great content you regularly read in blog articles, tutorials and other such sources;
  • You sometimes find the material you use to learn either assumes too much background knowledge or doesn’t go deep enough to get you productive;
  • You would like to create your own web apps using the MEAN stack and would love a starting point.
What You Will Get By Reading It

By reading Lean MEAN Web App Machine you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You will no longer be baffled by web-app development blog posts, tech articles, boiler-plates and generators that quickly drop ideas and concepts in front of you but leave you scratching your head as to what to do with them;
  • You will have a solid understanding of the MEAN Stack ecosystem including its foundation components, some of the more advanced parts and supporting tools;
  • You will be able to use the various parts, components, tools and documentation that are part of the MEAN stack environment on your own projects;
  • You will be able to rapidly spin up a brand-new MEAN web app from scratch and be productive with it in minimal time;
  • You will be able to have productive conversations with other technically adept people about some of the nuances of MEAN web applications;
How the Book is Structured

Lean MEAN Web App Machine is structured around the idea of gradually building up a functionally complete environment, framework and code-base for a MEAN stack web application.

Many technical books tend to launch you deep into the background of a specific technology including its fundamental principles, architecture, structures, data types, etc. For someone just starting out with a technology, that traditional approach is a bit backwards.

The structure of this book addresses this issue by providing you with a series of incremental wins. Each time a new topic is introduced you get to apply it then find out a little bit about the thinking behind it. The idea is to take you from a minimal starting point all the way to a working MEAN ‘starter kit’ that you can use time and again as a launch point to kick off your future projects.


Traditional printed format.

Perfect for anyone that likes a physical book to hold in their hands.

Great for sitting alongside you at your desk while you work through the material.

Just the thing if you like to highlight, underline and dog-ear your books to remember important sections.

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Portable Document Format (PDF).

Just right for people that prefer reading on electronic devices.

Great for opening on your screen alongside your development environment as you follow the examples.

The natural choice if you like to live a minimal lifestyle.

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