What Do Shotguns, Websites and Marketing Have In Common?

Hint: You’ll need a lot more than patience and tweezers to get rid of the pain they’ll cause if you try and combine them. In this post, I run through the following: What is Shotgun Marketing? The Story of Average Andy The Pitfalls of Shotgun Marketing How to Avoid Shotgun Marketing with Your Business Website What is Shotgun Marketing? Shotgun … Read More

6 Simple Steps to Becoming More Productive in Your Business

a shiny and powerful engine

Do you feel like you’re not productive in your business? Are you finding you’re struggling to get through as much as you want to? Do you get frustrated when the end of the week rolls around and you feel you haven’t gotten enough done? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of our clients experience this from time-to-time. So do we! … Read More

This DIY Business Admin Trap Could Be Holding You Back

clamp holding wallet shut business admin trap

There’s an old adage that suggests it is possible to send yourself broke saving money.

The same problem exists in business. This nasty little pitfall shows up most often in the early days for startups, entrepreneurs and small business when you’re just getting off the ground.